Never hire a concrete company
without talking to their customers first.
Here are just a few of the people who have experience with Premier’s work first hand.

Please email or phone (770) 402-2855 if you would like to speak to our former clients
and others yourself:

Pouring the concrete on a driveway

Pouring the concrete on a driveway

Morgan Concrete Company:
Morgan’s supplies Premier with much of their product. Concrete suppliers get to see all the contractors work so they are in a good position to make and give opinions. Feel free to call them and ask what they think about Premier.

International Ink: Premier put in their 30,000 square foot driveway and parking lot.

“I was very happy with my driveway overall and I was especially pleased by Premier’s attention to detail. After they cut the expansion joints, my wife asked why that was necessary. I told her it was to limit cracking and was a standard part of all driveways. Then we started looking at other driveways and found many of them had no joints cut and had long cracks. Thanks, guys.” -Jay Braver